Alcohol Testing

Impairment from alcohol poisoning was originally defined by blood alcohol levels. It was observed that most people showed the beginning signs of  mental impairment at around 0.05% blood alcohol concentration (BAC). Above this level it has been found that motor functions deteriorate progressively with increased blood alcohol concentrations. For the average person, unconsciousness results by 0.4% BAC. Above 0.5% (BAC), basic body functions such as the breathing or the beating action of the heart can be depressed to the point that death can occur. 


At Metroplex Diagnostics we offer 2 types of alcohol testing, Breath Alcohol testing and ETG(Ethyl Glucuronide.


Breath Alcohol testing: 

A breath alcohol test determines blood alcohol concentration (BAC). The test measures the amount of alcohol in the breath.


ETG testing:

EtG Urine Alcohol Test checks for a metabilite of alcohol, Ethyl Glucuronide. Ethyl Glucuronide is present in the body for three days after drinking alcohol.



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