Medical Review Officer Services

 MRO Services 

The Medical Review Officer (MRO) helps protect both the rights of the employee being tested and the employer requiring the testing.

METROPLEX offers MRO services to:

employers, TPA's, clinics, private individuals and hospitals.


All results are received electronically from the laboratories.


These results are then reviewed by the MRO and then reported via e-mail, web site, fax, phone or mail.


Our emphasis is in helping the smaller TPA's and clinics with excellence in personalized service when utilizing an MRO. 

The MRO Performs Four Main Functions: 


Receive lab reports from the laboratory   (as governed by regulations.)


Review lab reports for integrity, authenticity, false negatives, and false positives.


Interpret lab results, including verification of lab positives.


Report lab reports to employers (as defined by rules and regulations.) 

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