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We all want to trust our kids, and we often just hope they will do the right thing. Our kids spend a lot of time at school, with friends and away from our homes. The greatest threat is peer pressure. This peer pressure is intense. Children want to fit in, and they want acceptance from their classmates. When they buy or use drugs for the first time, it is likely that they will get them from their friends                                                                                      

 Most families find out about their children’s illicit drugs use, after disaster strikes and it is too late to intervene.

Part of the family policy against drugs should include regular random drug testing of all your children between the ages of 12 and 18. Taking a strong stand against drug use and implementing a random drug testing policy at home sends a very clear message to a child. 

In fact, it can actually help them say NO to drugs. "My parents test me and I'll get caught" is an excuse even the most persuasive friend will understand. 

If even that deterrent proves to be insufficient, then regular random testing will catch drug use in the early stages, when it's much easier to deal with.

Metroplex discreet and confidential student testing - NOW AVAILABLE!

This at Home or in office Drug Test Program is the first of its kind to assist you in the implementation of your family policy against drugs. 

 This program provides for regular random testing of your children in an effort to prevent the first time use of drugs by your children. "A TOOL TO HELP BUILD TRUST"

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