Drug Free Work Place

What is a Drug Free Workplace? 

   Your company qualifies as a Drug Free Workplace Program once the following components of the program have been implemented: 

1.    Drug Free Workplace Policy 
2.    Employee Education 
3.    Supervisor Training 
4.    Drug Testing 
5.    Employee Assistance Program 


What are the Benefits of a Drug Free Workplace?

1.    Increased productivity 
2.    Reduced turnover 
3.    Reduced tardiness 
4.    Reduced absenteeism 
5.    Safer work environment 
6.    Saving of valuable time in the hiring process 
7.    Hiring only drug free employees 
8.    Reduced health insurance costs 
9.    Workers Comp Insurance Incentives - many States provide a 5% discount

   METROPLEX, Inc. creates a turnkey program for your company to become a drug free workplace. A policy template can be provided, and you can customized it to your needs and specifics of your business.

Our consultants will assist your management staff to implement the policy, answering questions and address concerns.

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