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 Our laboratories are world-class genomics labs and a global industry leaders in establishing definitive biological relationships through DNA testing.


Using advanced techniques and automated systems, Metroplex aims to produce the world's most accurate DNA test results while also providing superior quality and convenience to customers.


Metroplex’s complete array of services extend from paternity testing to forensic testing and family reconstruction.


You can rest assured that tests performed at Metroplex will be accurate, confidential and fast.


Accuracy: Metroplex's paternity test results offer very high levels of accuracy and regularly generate probabilities >99.99% for inclusions and 100% for exclusions.

Metroplex provides Legal DNA Testing to clients in 70 different countries and all 50 United States.


Designed especially for use in a court of law, Metroplex’s Legal DNA Paternity Testing Services are accurate, convenient and fast. 


The cells in our body all contain a sample of our DNA.  DNA determines inheritance of eye colour, hair colour, stature, bone density and many other human and animal traits. One of the most common uses of DNA testing is to determine whether two individuals are blood relatives (DNA paternity testing)


Metroplex endeavors to provide the highest level of service, accuracy and confidentiality in the delivery of paternity and other DNA testing services.

The most commonly requested DNA test is the paternity test.


Like other relationship tests, this can determine whether an individual is or is not biologically related to another individual through examination of those individuals' DNA (DNA testing). 

Other relationship tests may be used to determine various other levels of relationship such asmaternity or whether two individuals are siblings or first cousins.

Metroplex utilizes the world's largest and most experienced private DNA testing laboratory. Which performs 3 out of 4 private DNA paternity tests in the United States and is the DNA testing provider for over 900 affiliated partners in 168 countries.

The AABB guidelines have always been the most widely accepted standard for DNA testing laboratories. Although currently, family relationship DNA testing is not regulated by government bodies, most courts and government agencies, including the USCIS, require that an AABB-accredited laboratory perform a DNA test that will be used to settle legal matters, such as inheritance, child custody, and immigration.


Frequently Asked Questions

"Is A $99 test is the right choice for me." 

  • A $99 paternity test can be more expensive to the consumer in the long run. These tests do not hold up in court. They are generally not reliable because the testing could be done outside industry protocols and/or performed by inexperienced staff, which could lead to results that are interpreted incorrectly leading to false results. If you are inquiring about a paternity test for any legal matter, further testing would have to be done, which would require more fees. Wouldn't it be better to pay only once for something so important?
  •  "If I get a test, people will find out about it." 
    Each case is unique and should be handled with the utmost confidentiality. The procedures will be private and discreet. At a private laboratory, your results are confidential. 

    However, if you go through a child support agency, your results will be public record. Also, if the case goes to court, a judge may need to see the results.

    With a privately conducted test, once you receive the results, you decide what to do with them.
  • "Can I do a paternity test if the potential father of my child lives hundreds of miles away from me." 

    We  have many potential collection sites in all 50 states and in 168 countries around the world. Each  sample collection site is equipped to handle the Chain of Custody process, which requires samples to be taken by a neutral third party. The Chain of Custody enables the results to be used in court. Separate appointments for sample collection can be made to accommodate those not living in the same area. Samples can be collected at different times and at different collection sites.
  •  "I can't stand the sight of blood or needles, so I could never participate in a paternity test!" 

    While a blood sample can be used, most labs use a painless buccal swab to collect sample DNA from inside the participant's cheek. The swab is similar to a cotton swab, but is made of a material called Dacron, which creates a consistent surface for the cheek cells to adhere to.

    As mentioned above, this collection process is painless.



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